AllThingsJava Podcast

I’m back on the AllThingsJava podcast again. I had a shocking hangover when recording it so forgive my vague rambling.

Covered on this episode:

  • News – Javascript App gets sued for trademark breach – could it happen to us?
  • News – Java 10 features
  • News – (actually old news but since the last podcast) JavaEE is dead, long live JakartaEE.
  • Matt is planning a new course on Kotlin, coming soon.
  • I’m planning a new course on Kubernetes, coming even sooner. I’ll blog about this new course shortly. I should have done Kubernetes a year ago, I feel somewhat left behind and there are other good courses out there – I’m not sure how I can be different so I’m working on an “angle” right now. Hope I come up with something worth having.
  • There was some talk about whether we should do more on Javascript front ends. I think we should and I’m working on shoring up my skills in this area.

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