Istio Now Released!

I got there in the end – Istio is now available at and

Udemy have started a new policy of restricting coupon codes, so the above link will give a “Best Price Match” until 9 November 2019, after that the link will work, but you’ll be subject to Udemy’s strange and complex pricing algorithm – it should still be a reasonable price though.

The aim with this course was to make Istio understandable. It’s not that hard to use really, just for some reason the docs and everything I’ve ever read about Istio seem to be riddled with unnecessary complexities and jargon. On the other hand, I think the course still goes pretty deep – we’re not shy to delve into the underlying Envoy proxies and we meet plenty of Istio gotchas along the way.

I hope this will help demystify Istio and Service Meshes in general. Istio DOES add complexity to a project, so it isn’t for every project. But the payoffs are huge, and I hope I demonstrate this.

A few topics got left behind in the rush to release – but I’ll be adding videos as free updates over time, with the first update being later in November. The main topics that missed the cut were: Mirroring (not complex but I’ve got a cracking demo); RBAC authorization (I don’t think most projects need this, although I may be wrong – but it’s still going to be good to have it in the course); External Services (no special reason why this was missing, but it’s very useful and needs to be added).

Hope to see you there!