Hibernate and JPA Training Course – new release

At last, after six months of hard work, our Hibernate and JPA Training Course is now available.

It took so long because I wanted to cover all of the major areas of Hibernate and JPA. We can’t cover every single bit of the API (I do encourage you to use the reference manual through the course), but I wanted to make sure that all of the problems that I’ve encountered with Hibernate is there on the course.

The best parts of the course are the three chapters towards the end where we look at how Hibernate integrates with real architectures. We look at basic web applications, Spring Applications and EJB Applications and it is surprising how easy it is to run into problems!

As always, code is provided and we’re here to support you if you run into problems on the course!

The outline is:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Persisting Objects
  4. Configuring Hibernate
  5. Manipulating Objects (Dirty Checking)
  6. More on Mapping
  7. Handling Crashes and Logging
  8. Relationships
  9. Collections
  10. Bi Directional Relations
  11. Many to Many (really a long worked practical)
  12. Equals and HashCode
  13. XML Mappings
  14. Java Persistence API
  15. Cascades
  16. Embedding Objects
  17. Queries – Part 1
  18. Queries – Part 2
  19. Queries – Part 3
  20. Criteria API – Part 1
  21. Criteria API – Part 2
  22. Inheritance
  23. Detaching and Merging
  24. Optimistic Locking and Versioning
  25. Pessimistic Locking
  26. Performance and Lazy Initialisation
  27. Tuning Perfomance
  28. First Level Cache
  29. Second Level Cache
  30. Web Applications
  31. Spring Applications
  32. EJB/Java EE Applications
  33. Course Review