Changes to the Spring-MVC Course – now with added WebFlow!

We’re getting closer to releasing the Spring-MVC course and as we reach the end it’s becoming clear that some juggling is needed to the back end of the course.

Many people have contacted me to ask about Spring WebFlow, and whether we’ll be doing a course on it. I’d always planned to do a separate standalone course on this topic, but on reflection I’ve decided it would fit more naturally as a chapter on the Spring-MVC course itself.

The revised running order is now:

1: Introduction
2: An overview of MVC
3: First steps in Spring MVC
4: Mapping Parameters, Accessing Sessions
5: Internationalization (i18n)
6: Form Handling and Validation
7: Validation and JSR-303
8: Alternative views and Ajax
9: Spring WebFlow – the Basics
10: Going further with WebFlow

The chapter on Post-Redirect-Get was too small to stand on it’s own and is now part of the form handling chapter.

I think this outline is a bit tighter and more focussed, and with WebFlow included, will be much better value.

It does, however, mean a slight delay to allow time for scripting and recording of the more advanced material, but not a big one, we’re now on for Friday 6 August.

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