New Course: Kubernetes Microservices

Second course to be published at Udemy: Kubernetes Microservices.

I’ve set up a coupon code for a great deal.

Unlike the previous Docker course, this one is independent of programming language (Angular 6 used on the front end)

– although of course I can’t help dropping in a few references to Java along the way.

It’s a 12 hour hands on project: scenario – developers have pushed a set of images for a microservice system. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: define a Kubenetes workload locally, then deploy it to the cloud. Build in a level of resilience and then set up a proper ElasticSearch basic logging and monitoring system.

At the end of the course you’ll use your monitoring system to discover the developers did a pretty bad job in one of their images!

It was fun to record, hope it will be fun to watch and more importantly, a great set of real world skills for you.

A version of the course will appear in around a week at virtualpairprogrammers too.


4 Replies to “New Course: Kubernetes Microservices”

  1. Hi Richard,

    I am waiting for Design pattern using java courses in virtual pair programming.
    Please let me know are you planning to host that course any time soon.


    1. As always, it’s something we want to do but other things always seem to get in the way. Maybe it’s something best left for others to do better than us?

  2. Hello MR Chesterwood
    Thank You For the K8s course, it was a great help for me.
    are you panning on doing any thing for micro-services on udumy

    thank You

    1. I’d love to – my Microservices courses at VPP are old and dated already and I desperately want to get that sorted – but such a long queue of courses to do first! It will happen, but no dates…

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